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Are you making smart decisions about your employee benefits?

Source: UNUM
Published: 7th July 2015
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While 90% of employers say they track absence rates and most would flag if an employee was off consistently, would your business use the data from this tracking to actually prevent illnesses? Holding return to work interviews can help to determine if an absence is down to the unfortunate timing of hayfever, or something you can potentially support the employee with, like a mental health issue. Knowing this could even prevent a recurring illness turning into long-term sickness absence.

With 64% of adults in the UK being classed as overweight or obese and this costing the economy an estimated £47 billion each year, would you have the adequate information from your staff to justify a weekly exercise programme, a subsidised gym membership, or increasing the fruit and vegetable offering in your company canteen? After all, 58% of UK employers think that an unhealthy workforce is a risk to business performance.

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