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Exercise and diet bring a wide range of physical and mental benefits and the resultant feeling of wellbeing will provide recognisable benefits to your company.

Reduce Sick Days - Increase Productivity

Improved health in the workplace reduces the likelihood that people will need to take sick leave.

Employee absence, particularly in critical positions, can lead to loss of output, inferior quality of service or product, diminished team morale, loss of reputation and ultimately loss of business.

Healthier staff will redress these potential problems.

Increase your Profits

Encourage your staff to lead a healthier lifestyle. Encourage them to be fit. Fit for their own benefit and fit for work.

Watch your company reap the benefits of increased productivity and staff retention!

Reduce Cost of Absence

There are two costs relating to absence:-

  1. Direct costs are considered to be
    • the cost of paying the absent employee
    • overtime incurred by other employees covering for the absentee
  2. Indirect costs are considered to be
    • time taken to train a replacement in the role
    • recruiting temporary/replacement staff
    • additional training and support for other staff
    • missed new business opportunities

Enrol your workforce now for complete and supported access to a better lifestyle.

All members of your staff will receive membership benefits of Total Health 360 which will include the following:-

  • An ever increasing range of instructional exercise videos which can be done at home without embarrassment and at a time to fit in with family and lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition advice, Healthy Recipes and Diet Plans.
  • SMARTSTATS recording progress to improved health

Your company will benefit from the following:-
Access to statistics on usage and the improved general health of your staff
Clear communication channels to and from Total Health 360
Request additional video content to meet the preferences of your staff
Receive support from Total Health 360 to help incentivise staff participation

We're driven by results and we're sensitive to people's privacy. We can't provide individual stats for each member because of data protection but by averaging results across your team, we can provide the Weight, BMI and WHR of your business. How healthy do you think that might be today?

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