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What we eat can largely determine our attitude in life

Foods that are convenient or cheap are often more likely to have a bad impact on the body. Such choices are obviously more accessible and perhaps more instantly appealing in their appearance and flavours, but with some common sense and a little extra time, a good diet can be achieved and enjoyed too while the ability to cook becomes greater.

Naturally, when it comes to choice, it's down to the individual to make it and Total Health 360 actively encourages, educates, informs and inspires employees to recognise the benefits and act through team collaboration and ongoing incentivisation.

Diet Plans

Corporate Health and Fitness Solutions like no other

With a range of Diet Plans, employees can make informed buying decisions with a view to achieving their own specific goals. Feeling groggy and run down? Cut the carbs out for just a week and feel the difference! These are the kind of short term challenges we set to help your staff take a step at a time to improved wellbeing.


Online Video Library

With a range of exciting ideas, we're building our recipe bank to include meals ranging from innovative infusions to budget-wise sense.


Keeping fit with Smarstats

By keeping employees enthused, we can help them (and you) reach targets more naturally. Regular tips and tricks to keep on the right road are the small things that can make a real difference to results.

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