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SMARTSTATS - Keeping on track


Weight, or the loss of weight, is the most common way to manage and track an individual’s health and wellbeing. However it might not always be the right weight that is being lost.

A poor diet for example, could see individuals lose the wrong type of weight, and losing weight doesn't always mean you're losing fat. Our diet and nutritional advice will help to ensure that weight loss is achieved sensibly amongst your employees.


The Body Mass Index, or BMI, is all about your body's mass compared to your height and is an important and well known tool used by medical professionals to measure body weight and the amount of fat you have.

Healthy eating and exercise will help to reduce an employee’s BMI and our unique SMARTSTATS will enable them to monitor their progress.


Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR), is now considered by many medical practitioners to be as important as BMI and many agree that both measurements should be considered in conjunction to provide a more exact indicator of health and wellbeing.

If your BMI and WHR are over the healthy range you may be carrying extra body fat around the vital organs.


By allowing the simple recording and understanding of vital health statistics and what they mean, improvements can be easily tracked with SMARTSTATS.

SMARTSTATS has been specifically built and designed so that your staff can become more responsible for their health and wellbeing and proud to see their achievements at a glance.

How much of your team is muscle and motivation?

Could you improve the overall health, wellbeing, confidence and performance of your team as a whole?

The short answer is, "It's likely...if you talk to Total Health 360."

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